Construction Negligence

Construction negligence involves injuries to workers or visitors while on or near construction sites, often due to the unsafe nature of worksites. Power tools, debris, scaffolding, ladders, and heavy equipment create numerous, potentially dangerous, hazards.

If the injured party is an employee of an employer who created the unsafe condition, the victim can recover damages through workers' compensation. However, many incidents are complex and involve several parties who may compensate the victim and his or her family for injury or death for the negligence.

Depending on the circumstances, general contractors, subcontractors, the site owner, or the manufacturers of the tool or machine involved may be held liable for the injuries.

The attorneys at Walters, Papillion, Thomas, Cullens have successfully represented victims of construction accidents for more than 40 years. For more information, please see our FAQs regarding Construction Negligence or call Walters, Papillion, Thomas, Cullens to speak to one of our experienced Construction Negligence attorneys.

Construction Negligence Resources:

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