Chemical and Workplace Exposure

If you were injured in a workplace explosion or other event that exposed you to toxic chemicals, you may have what is called a toxic tort claim.  Personal injury victims of toxic torts often require special medical treatment and long-term health care for their personal injuries. Unlike most personal injury cases, the health issues involved in toxic tort / chemical exposure cases may be unknown to the victim for months or even years. In long-term latency chemical exposure cases, like those arising out of exposure to asbestos, it is imperative that the victim receives proper medical treatment as early as possible. In asbestos and other type toxic tort cases, the adverse health effects to the victim can be severe and may include life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

In such toxic tort cases, it is important that you find a knowledgeable and experienced law firm that understands the complex issues involved in toxic tort litigation and has the resources to properly handle your particular claim.  WTC is your firm.

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