Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a broad term that describes virtually every type of dispute that may arise in a business context. Common examples of commercial litigation include breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty claims, partnership disputes, and fraudulent investment claims.

The attorneys at WTC have extensive experience representing individuals and businesses in commercial litigation disputes.  Whether it is analyzing if an investor was defrauded by misleading statements or omissions made by the seller of a security, or whether a director or officer of a corporation breached his or her fiduciary duties to shareholders, WTC attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle your claim successfully.  The factual and legal issues involved in a typical commercial case can be complex.  Being able to recognize the legal issues at play, and then to employ creative strategies to achieve the client’s desired result through litigation, is the hallmark of an experienced commercial attorney.  As a testament to their success, WTC was one of five law firms in the nation to be nominated by the National Law Journal as the top business tort firm in 2018.

WTC attorneys J. Cullens and Andree Cullens have considerable experience representing Insurance Receivers and Bankruptcy Trustees as Special Litigation Counsel in commercial litigation cases across the nation.  To learn more about their work as Special Litigation Counsel, go to

Given the nature of commercial litigation, WTC adapts its fee arrangement to fit the unique needs of each commercial client.  Some commercial cases can be handled on an hourly fee basis, others on a pure contingent fee arrangement, while certain cases can involve a blended hourly plus contingent fee structure.  If you or your business believe that your interests have been damaged because of inappropriate business dealings, then contact WTC for a free consultation.

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